Modern Australian X-Up is an adulteration of the Unilevel. The Modern Australian One-up, Two-Up, or Three-Up, or X-Up or any distinction of ups. There’s no way to fix this irredeemable, broken and usually failed system of agreement, so any distinction of it should be avoided. It is called “pass up” sales, in other words, you actually pass up sales to your upline. In the original Australian X-Up, you would pass up your first X sales to your upline. After you passed up your first X sales, then you would collect your commissions on the following sales. After your first X sales, you would collect the commissions on the next sale. When that person made a sale, they would pass up their first X sales to you. This would go on through infinity. An Australian X-Up is always associated with a one-time sale, so there are no residuals. The income usually flows entirely from selling one product to new people. There may be other products, but one single product accounts for 99% of the business volume.

How does X-UP Plan work?

The first two purchasers you enroll do not earn you anything. The bonus goes up to your sponsor! So, the first two go up. Thus, a “2-Up” pay plan. Now, when you enroll your third person, and every subsequent person after that, you get the bonus. Starting with your third enroll you start getting the first two benefits that they generate. That is, when you seek the services of wide range three signs up their first two people “A” and “B”, per the same recommendations that losing you, your first two people, they now decrease their first two people to you their entice. When “3” enrolls their third personal “C” they start getting paid. Why the 2-Up looks so charming and attractive to the person, on papers, is also twofold.

Why Australian X-UP Plan ?

For multi-level marketing companies, the Australian MLM plan offers simple and easy calculation method which makes it easy to manage and operate. Unlike other most commonly used MLM plans, one doesn’t need any extra skills to manage this plan.


For members, it’s really the best plan to go for as it provides great income opportunities because they don’t need to depend upon other members.