Binary MLM Plan is the simplest and one of the most successful MLM plans in the MLM industry. Every member is restricted to add more than two members in the first level or business center of the binary plan, but, there is no limitation on the depth of the network that a distributor can develop.

The concept of Binary MLM plan is based on two legs network growth whereas one on the left side and another on the right side, it is called tree structure. One leg is called the power leg and the other one is called Profit leg.

How Does Binary Plan work?

A Binary plan encompasses a technique of pairs. A member typically progresses up the chain by incorporating 2 members directly under him/her. In a binary plan, a member can introduce a maximum 2 members directly under him, 1 each on the left and right side. After a member has added a member each to the left side and right side the member has to opportunity to spill the member in the down-line i.e. Place a new member below an empty left or empty right as his /her downline.

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Getting a new member shared between all ancestors in the power leg allows to mutually benefit and encourages everyone to attempt to recruit new members and make way to extend the binary plan.


Unlimited Depth

You can build your network in any depth you want and every member in the upline is guaranteed to gain profit from successful sales.


Fast Expansion

Each member needs to recruit only two new members that potentially leads to fast expansion. it will grow your business high within shorten period.


Keep safe database

Elite MLM software developed binary business plan software which keeps data of business record very safe and secure. This is not so easier in multilevel marketing to keep a record of the distributors in files, documents. Elite MLM Software makes it easier and kept data record protected.

Binary plan compensation

Profit leg

Every Binary plan structure will have two branches, The Left & Right. Whichever of this branch makes more money, that is the profit leg.

Power leg

Whether it right or left, the leg with fewer members will be the profit leg. Profit leg will not grow beyond the power leg.

Bonuses in Binary MLM Software

binary pairing bonus

Pairing Bonus


MLM businesses pay pairing bonuses to distributors for the downlines placed under their direct downlines. The maximum pairing bonus will be calculated by the plan you choose and the rules fixed by the company.

Sponsor Commissions


The sponsor commission is also referred as referral commission/leader bonus and direct commission. By introducing a new member to this network, each user will be able to achieve the sponsor commission.

sponsor commission