Matrix Plan

MLM Compensation plan is the backbone of MLM Business. While there are many compensation plans which are defined by MLM companies and custom compensation plans those are outlined by MLM business organizations, the forced plan is the most favorite compensation plan according to the internet analytics, forced plan has another name and it is “matrix plan”. forced plan is more attractive in the MLM industry.

Plan structure

The plan has usually a form of 2×2, 3×5 matrix etc.
the forced plan doesn’t have a leg system or breakaways like in other MLM Plans. hence the forced MLM Plan is easy to be managed.


If the forced MLM Plan is in 3×5 form, it means that the system can grow up to 5 levels which have 3 distributors in each level.


The width of a matrix plan is fixed, that means in matrix plan width and height are already defined. In the 3X5 matrix, its width is 3 and depth is 5, the first level of user has 3 users, then 2nd level contains 9 users and 3rd level contains 27, and the fourth level contains 81 users and his final level consists of 243 users.


In the 3X5 matrix, the member can get benefits up to the level of 5. If the first level width is over, that is in 3X5 matrix one user has 3 members in his first level, then the next join will be positioned any of his downline that is, from left to right.

How does Matrix MLM Plan work?

The popular matrix MLM plans are 2*12, 4*7, 5*7, and 3*9. The plan works by adding the default members to the first level and everyone else you sign up after the completion of the first level will spill over into the next level, and perhaps to deeper levels as per the plan.


If you choose the 3*3 matrix plan, you can recruit three members to the first level and the rest will spill over to later levels with a depth of three level. Here the matrix said to have three numbers in width as well as in depth.

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Matrix Bonus is also an add-on bonus to give extra compensation to the distributors. This compensation is given to the members when they filled their matrix with the down-liners. If the business plan is 4*4 matrix system, the members should have 4 members on his first level downline, 16 members in his second level downline, 64 members in third level down-line and 256 members in the fourth level downline. This member is eligible for the Matrix Bonus.

What Are The Benefits Of Forced Matrix?

Forced Matrix, Compared to other plans it’s simplifying your total teamwork. In this matrix, We have to set each level commissions for each level.


Forced matrix plan is positioned in a sequential left to right and top to bottom pattern. In this plan, the member is not allowed to select his position and is only allowed to select the sponsor. The member will get the commission on based on the level he is placed at for a particular payout period.