Unilevel Plan

Unilevel Business Plan is the simplest plan which is mostly used by the multilevel marketing companies. In this kinds of a business plan, existing distributors can recruit single-line distributors downline to him. There is no width in this business plan but having a specified depth level. Unilevel business plan assists multilevel marketing companies to grow up and increase their earning graph of the business services.


According to the Uni-Level compensation plan, one person controls the entire down chain members, here the first person will get the dividend of each other down chain member respectively.

Advantage of Unilevel Plan

A distributor can have unlimited sub-distributors. Each sub-distributors can have unlimited distributors under them. Like this MLM Unilevel plan is the limitless plan in Multi-Level Marketing. It is very easy to understand and easy to operate. The compensation calculations are less complex and distributors have the opportunity of getting unlimited earning. The MLM software has a key role in managing the Unilevel MLM plan. An efficient and accurate software solution is helpful to manage the Unilevel MML business effortlessly.


The accuracy and computation power of a software is a big factor when the business grows. With the help of a full-featured Unilevel MLM software, the business team can grow their business to enterprise level. The transparency and real-time result will build the customer trust and brings higher customer satisfaction.

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sponsor commission

Sponsor Commissions


The sponsor commission is also referred as referral commission/leader bonus and direct commission.


By introducing a new member to this network, each user will be able to achieve the sponsor commission.


In Elite MLM Software The amount for sponsor commission can be defined from the administration area.

Level Commissions


Level Commission is the amount payable to the distributor based on the sales achieved by the downline members. Unilevel Plan has unlimited direct downlines in the first level and each of those members can have their own unlimited downline members.